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This Month, Inside Reset

Here's what's inside this month's issue of Reset Magazine:

Slick - Jan.png

Sick of This Sh*t

with Slick

The Advice Corner

How Will I Know? How Soon is "too soon" to start dating?

Toxic Positivity

with Christine

The Self-Love Corner

Just Be Positive! A deep dive into the the bullshit of toxic positivity

Christine1- Jan.png
Rosie - Jan.png


with Rosie. P

The Marriage Corner

Intimacy: Essential ways to stay connected

Through Healed Eyes with Katelynd

The Healing Corner

What is the "Meet Cute"? And why it could be the very reset your dating life needs.

Katelynd - Jan.png
Dwayne - Jan.png

From a Man's Perspective

with Dwayne.W

The Healthy Masculinity Corner

Men Need Safety in a Relationship, too: 4 things my lady does to create safety for me in our relationship

Julie - Jan.png

Breastfeeding Hurts with Mama.J

The Mommy Corner

Breastfeeding Hurts Like a B*tch: 4 things I wish someone had told me before becoming a mom

The Power in Wearing Colour

with Christine

The Fashion Corner

The Power in Wearing Colour: how to manifest the energies and emotions you're looking for

Christine - fashion Jan.png
Horoscope - Jan.png

January Horoscopes

with Cici.B

The Horoscope Corner

Your monthly horoscope

Hard Pills with Cici.B

The Dating & Relationships Corner

Uh, uh. Get Somebody Else to do it: 3 things I stopped doing that changed my life for the better

Hard Pills - Jan.png
Story Time - Jan.png

Engagement Story

with Christine

The StoryTime Corner

Christine is getting married!

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